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[Jul. 10th, 2006|02:13 pm]
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guess who is living in the most beautiful apartment in the world next year?? I put a deposit down on it today... it's off the market... i'm signing the lease on Friday.

It's a second-floor studio with a large separate kitchen and separate bathroom. The kitchen is huge and bright with all brand-new appliances and a garbage disposal. The bathroom has a huge clawfoot tub in it that takes up almost the entire room. the main room has a gigantic bay window that covers one whole wall, and it's pretty spacious... I could fit my bed and a futon in it easily, plus everything else, with space left over. Here's the extra-special kicker though:

the private sunporch.

which is also huge. there's a door leading onto it from the kitchen. it's wrapped in some ugly fencing but it does block the entire porch from visibility from the street. The floor is astroturf. It's the perfect place for my papasan and for laying out in the sun. The 34 stops a few feet from the front door and there's a laundromat across the street. The downstairs hallway is decorated like the lobby in a really fancy apartment building, with little antique tables and chairs and silk flowers and the walls in the entry way and lobby are marble. Even the staircase is beautiful. It blows my mind. I cannot believe I'm going to be living there. I have to keep pinching myself.

Pictures as soon as I can get them ;-)