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Writer's Block: Best book ever! [Mar. 7th, 2010|01:47 pm]
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Is there any book you can read over and over again without ever getting sick of it? Do you discover something new every time you read it?
Absolutely "Music for Chameleons" by Truman Capote. The personal narratives, celebrity or otherwise, are beyond brilliant. The reader gets to see and feel these people through Capote's detail-trained mind. My favorites are the interview with Manson murderer Bobby Beausoleil, in which I see both the killer and Capote from a different perspective, and "A Beautiful Child," another personal narrative that one has to read to believe- it will inspire you to view centuries of popular culture in a manner to which one would never have been otherwise made accessible.

Apart from Capote's personal narrative is a true-crime narrative much in the style of Capote's iconic classic "In Cold Blood." this has demonstrated dramatically Capote's own efforts to improve his narrative writing. Part of the genius of this piece, "Handcarved Coffins," is that it's very much a whodunit written in a manner that inspires sympathy for both victim and each suspect. The reader is led to believe that while each human is capable of the crime, each suspect is also a human. But, unlike "In Cold Blood," the mystery is never solved. I often hear Hunter S. Thompson lauded as the "father" of Gonzo journalism, but without Truman Capote's trailblazing, obsessively detail-obsessed mind as inspiration, there would be no Gonzo Journalism in the tradition we see now.

I do discover my own mysteries in each story in this book; it inspires new ideas and enthusiasm with each read. I find it to be by far Truman Capote's best book and highly recommend it.
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Miss Sophie makes her internet debut!!!! [Nov. 22nd, 2006|03:01 am]
[fucking |energeticcat-tastic]

For your viewing pleasure: the first available photos of my cat. Please excuse the fact that they were taken with my cell phone.

Sophie a couple minutes ago and

Sophie when I first got her, right after I got the meds for her UTI and took care of her flea problem. She was still really, really skinny in that picture, but she's fat now. She was 7 lbs. in that pic, and now she's 12.

She's a purebred Siamese, chocolate point, and absolutely beautiful, and the sweetest cat in the whole wide world.
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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2006|04:21 pm]
Esteban is now Sophie.

Long story. but the peeing everywhere was due to a UTI which is now better due to antibiotics.

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(no subject) [Sep. 18th, 2006|02:12 pm]
I still don't have the intarweb at home at I have 7 minutes left at the library, so I gotta make this quick.

The place is still wonderful. The kitty is a boy after all and the fleas are finally under control. His name is Esteban. He sprays everywhere because he is an un-neutered male, and every time I de-cat-pee something, it gets peed on again. I'm beating him with my beatin stick (the antenna on my cell phone, and not really beating) to get him to go in the litterbox. He's picking it up quick. He's the bomb, baby. He sleeps on my head and enjoys looking out the windows and laying in the sun and chewing happily on my plants out on the porch. He's marked his territory on everything Jango and Meowzer ever touched in their WHOLE LIVES, including some stuff Sunny lived with at home that my mom brought for me, so I'm hoping the spraying stops so I don't have to go chop off his balls.

Ooh, session extended 15 minutes.

I haven't slept in a couple of days because of bitchy pain-in-the-ass xanax withdrawal, but tonight I plan on cutting class, going home, making lamb with mint jelly, mashed potatoes and peas, changing into some pj pants and crashing early so I'm rested up for work tomorrow. Yes, work. I work at Ben & Jerry's now. I almost have the ice cream, frozen yogurt & sorbet flavors memorized. Plus I got to taste ALL of them and it was great fun. Anyone who wants a 10% discount card for serious VIP's, let me know, I have like 100 of them. I get a 25% discount and 2 free ounces of ice cream for each shift I work. I get to wear a bright purple tie-dyed shirt to work. It rules. Plus $7 an hour is not bad for scooping ice cream 20 hours a week.

there is a baby downstairs in the free library that is crying nonstop and making me nuts, so I'm going to go home and start cooking so I can listen to Esteban's nonstop rusty meow instead. he sounds like one of those things you blow on new year's that folds out and makes a farty noise when you blow in it.

Plus, every time I think about my nose, I sneeze.
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(no subject) [Sep. 13th, 2006|01:24 pm]
[fucking |blahblah]

I do not, unfortunately, have internet at the new place, so I have to satisfy myself with updating those interested on the mostly uninteresting points of my life.

I got a new apartment. It is far away from everything, although there is a nice and clean laundromat across the street. The porch comes in handy for chillin, and I'm still missing some kitchen essentials since I've never had a kitchen before, but so far I'm liking it ok. still getting a little lonely. I've been full of xanax because of people stuff, but stuff I hope with some talking over, would make me feel a lot better.

I got a kitty!!!! I was told when she was given to me that she was a boy and had tested clean for fleas, plus had gotten all of her shots, but I discovered in no time at all that she was a little girl and I've found a lot of flea dirt trying to comb her soft, soft hair. She is, however, a purebred Siamese, a chocolate point although not perfect because her little feet are white. Her eyes are a very clear and pale shade of blue. She seems to greatly enjoy sleeping and playing in her litterbox, although I was given a ton of toys with her she hasn't really gotten into yet.

Pictures later... right now my digi is on the fritz... my SD card died on me :-(
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(no subject) [Aug. 15th, 2006|04:38 pm]
[fucking |scaredfreaked the fuck out]

I just had the weirdest dream.

I went to a Toys-R-Us. All I wanted was a coloring book and one of those boxes of crayons with like 50 different colors in it, but one of those boxes of crayons with 7 different colors in it would have worked just fine. Instead, there were like 100 boxes of crayons, but they all had the same color in them. There would be a box of 50 brown crayons. Or a box of 6 purple crayons and a gray crayon. All shit like that. When I moved on to try to find markers or colored pencils instead, the same thing was up with them. So I stood there in the aisle, and I would see a box of crayons out of the corner of my eye that looked like it had all different colors, and then when I picked it up it would be full of black crayons or 50 red crayons and 20 green crayons. There was this really precocious little girl in the aisle with me, along with her family, and she was looking for the same thing. Except eventually she found a box of all different color markers and left and I was alone and the lights were all turning off.

So, in Scranton, the Toys-R-Us is not far from my mom's house, it's like a 5-minute drive up the highway. So I went into the foyer of the store where the checkout counters were, thinking I would call her collect from one of the payphones to come and get me and she wouldn't care because a local call is like 30 cents. SO I walked up to the first payphone and as I did, This group of people walk in. They all looked plastic like that Primus video where they're all cowboys, and I started to get freaked out because that video always scared me. I hear a little kid next to me go, "That's Russell Crowe!" but as I looked at the lead guy, it looked more like keanu reeves to me. So I keep walking toward the payphone and as I am, I hear these guys talking about how they wouldn't sell most of the shit in the store out of the back of a U-Haul at 3 am. So I ignored them.

As I got up to the payphone, I went to pick it up and it wasn't a payphone at all. At this point I'm terrified of these plastic guys and I really want to leave, so I'm confused, but not before I realize what I thought was a phone is actually a poster. It's a poster for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and Keanu Reeves is on it, and he has REAL HAIR, and his head is kind of sticking out of the poster. He looks plastic on the poster, too. The real hair is kind of blowing in the breeze and as I look at it, I notice it looks like the hair had been cut off of a person's head and kind of slopped into place and painted so it wouldn't be bloody. So I walked away looking for a real payphone and saw one across the room. As I was walking toward it, I notice the plastic guys walking toward me, and I started to feel really scared, and then I woke up.

Dude, honestly, this is the last shit I need.
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(no subject) [Aug. 3rd, 2006|12:16 pm]
[fucking |hotmy brains are boiling]

I'm still alive.

I keep disappearing, though. I disappear completely from myself sometimes, too. Plus, I haven't read my friends list in like a month and a half, where I used to read it every day.

Mer died. I found his little skeleton in the tank while I was cleaning it on Tuesday. It was moving like an actual fish when I accidentally ran it into the siphon, which lead my highly stressed and remarkably unstable mind to keep thinking the skeleton itself was somehow still alive. It's hard to get attached to a fish, so I'm not going to flip shit or anything.

I'm still moving sept. 1. Everyone is invited to my apartment once I move in for wine and ya know, fried chicken or something. I'm debating getting a cat. I would probably adopt a Siamese because they're awesome and pretty and easily cared for, plus not too bad with the allergies. In addition, adult cats are more easily cared for than kittens, and adopting is a good way to get an inexpensive purebred cat that would otherwise probably get limited love and attention from its foster owners and would probably die at the humane society. It will be my good deed for the year, then I can go back to being a total asshole. where I am, you know, the most comfortable.

Seeing as how I'm an asshole and all.

It's been too hot to go to class, so I've been catching up on my reading and doing stuff with InDesign and playing Tropico and going to the 7-11 for Coke Slurpees in my spare time. And last night I had Ethiopian for dinner. My life is thrilling. I'm struggling with my math daily too. This class is like, impossible. Especially if you never go. Do they still have the Math Science Resource Center at Temple? Would I be a nerd if I went there and asked them to look at my homework? Would I be a nerd if I worked at the SAC?

Would I be a nerd if I told you I love you?
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lazy thursday afternoon [Jul. 13th, 2006|04:07 pm]
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2006|02:13 pm]
[fucking |ecstaticecstatic]

guess who is living in the most beautiful apartment in the world next year?? I put a deposit down on it today... it's off the market... i'm signing the lease on Friday.

It's a second-floor studio with a large separate kitchen and separate bathroom. The kitchen is huge and bright with all brand-new appliances and a garbage disposal. The bathroom has a huge clawfoot tub in it that takes up almost the entire room. the main room has a gigantic bay window that covers one whole wall, and it's pretty spacious... I could fit my bed and a futon in it easily, plus everything else, with space left over. Here's the extra-special kicker though:

the private sunporch.

which is also huge. there's a door leading onto it from the kitchen. it's wrapped in some ugly fencing but it does block the entire porch from visibility from the street. The floor is astroturf. It's the perfect place for my papasan and for laying out in the sun. The 34 stops a few feet from the front door and there's a laundromat across the street. The downstairs hallway is decorated like the lobby in a really fancy apartment building, with little antique tables and chairs and silk flowers and the walls in the entry way and lobby are marble. Even the staircase is beautiful. It blows my mind. I cannot believe I'm going to be living there. I have to keep pinching myself.

Pictures as soon as I can get them ;-)
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fun with widgets [Jul. 8th, 2006|09:02 pm]

Widgets are fun for playing and this fishie rules.
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