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I do not, unfortunately, have internet at the new place, so I have to… - joining the world of missing persons [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 13th, 2006|01:24 pm]
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I do not, unfortunately, have internet at the new place, so I have to satisfy myself with updating those interested on the mostly uninteresting points of my life.

I got a new apartment. It is far away from everything, although there is a nice and clean laundromat across the street. The porch comes in handy for chillin, and I'm still missing some kitchen essentials since I've never had a kitchen before, but so far I'm liking it ok. still getting a little lonely. I've been full of xanax because of people stuff, but stuff I hope with some talking over, would make me feel a lot better.

I got a kitty!!!! I was told when she was given to me that she was a boy and had tested clean for fleas, plus had gotten all of her shots, but I discovered in no time at all that she was a little girl and I've found a lot of flea dirt trying to comb her soft, soft hair. She is, however, a purebred Siamese, a chocolate point although not perfect because her little feet are white. Her eyes are a very clear and pale shade of blue. She seems to greatly enjoy sleeping and playing in her litterbox, although I was given a ton of toys with her she hasn't really gotten into yet.

Pictures later... right now my digi is on the fritz... my SD card died on me :-(

[User Picture]From: slate1198
2006-09-13 05:57 pm (UTC)
I have no internets at my new place yet either. :(

yay for kitty!

I have a wooden spoon of yours that I didn't realized I had packed until I was setting up the new kitchen. I will try to remember to pack it in my backpack and bring it along if you'd like a visit. Plus, you know I must meet the new kitty.

How are Bacchus and Flitwick?

And cheer up, you still are near a whole lot of great take-out. I've found one fantastic place here but have yet to locate Japanese, Chinese, or Indian take-out. And there is no Temple U-Ambler campus listing on campusfood.com. ::mourns::
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[User Picture]From: nay_aug
2006-09-18 05:58 pm (UTC)
Dude, it's just a wooden spoon.

the kitty is a boy after all, but I'm just about to post about that.

Bacchus died shortly after the move. The 10g cracked when I was moving the tanks, despite the really excellent care we took, so I moved the white clouds in with the 3 remaining Danios and Flitwick, and Bacchus into the 2.5. Despite the fact I washed the 2.5 with bleach before I put him in it, he couldn't handle the temp fluctuations or the stress of the move, and just went out. Flitwick is fat and happy, blowing huge nests, and growing back his tail. he seems completely undaunted by his new roommates.
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